Press Release | No Negotiation, No Partnership, No Legitimacy – Madani Resistance Committees

Greetings of glory to the martyrs of the glorious December Revolution, all the support and wishes for the wounded and missing for a speedy recovery and return, comrades of the abused homeland.

We, in Madani Resistance Committees, have been closely observing the shameful rush of putschists and gamblers from the submissive political forces until the last attempts to legitimize the failed coup in aborting the revolution since April 11 through the October 25 coup by proposing a road map that paves the way for the return of the defunct islamist regime.

After the greedy regional and international forces sensed the revolution’s resounding rejection of the putschists’ and their supporters’ policies, they rushed to pressure to split the revolutionary street at its peak by launching initiatives and attracting weak souls to the settlement camp. The political and military elites’ and their leaders’ fear of the resistance’s revolutionary maturity became clear, the resistance identified the governance crisis and proceeded to solve it through political visions and charters that emphasized the rejection of state militarization and elite unilateralism in governance, as well as the restoration of state sovereignty.

The greatest fear of the forces of tyranny and reaction is the street’s unification on issues of state rebuilding based on disrupting wealth plundering and dismantling the state of cartels and corruption, the proceeds of which are shared by former regime custodians, sectarian and regional forces, and extortive armed groups. The economic, security, and service crises were used to achieve a situation of no state, and then to quickly and shockingly release the remnants of the former regime, luring the forces of soft landing both inside and outside to the settlement playground.

We warn against plunging the country into a tunnel of chaos and incitement by forming blocs and groupings that are detached from the demands of the people and the national revolutionary forces. We are also fully aware of the extent of the conspiracies being plotted to reverse the revolution’s progress by buying people who are cheap and thirsty for power and benefits. We remind everyone that we shall continue on the path of the martyrs and that the revolution will achieve its goals regardless of how long the years of betrayal and treachery last.

April 18, 2022