Press Release | Millions March in support of the Northern Barricade- Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

A salute of glory to our honorable martyrs in all parts of the country who paved the way to freedom for us with their pure blood, a greeting worthy of their lofty position and the nobility of their sacrifice, and mercy and forgiveness for their good souls. We wish the injured a speedy recovery, and we pray for the safe return of the missing and forcibly disappeared, as well as freedom for all those imprisoned unjustly behind the putschists’ catpivity bars.

We affirm that freedom is a natural right that no one should be able to take away or restrict.

You, our revolutionary people, are still fighting day by day, using all the peaceful means guaranteed by the constitution, demonstrating your commitment to the covenant in every region of the nation. We salute our revolutionaries in the north who remind us that they were the first to resist colonialism. Just as how the North was against colonialism in its old form, today it is professing its opposition to all forms of colonialism and the plunder of our resources, whatever its form. The Northern Barricade was an outward expression of a well-deserved movement against marginalization and the unjust economic policies practiced by the coup authority to have the citizens to pay out of their pocket the deficit bills in its dilapidated economy, with a budget directed towards repression and killing, and this will eventually lead to the destruction of the national economy. You will not walk alone, we are with you, whole heartedly.

On the seventh of February, millions will march in support of the Northern Barricade and to put an end to the destructive economic policies, besieging the tyrant’s palace to demonstrate to the world that no voice is louder than the voice of the people.

The millions-march on February 7th will not be the end of the resistance, but rather a gateway that will open a light of hope for what follows after, until a definite triumph is inevitable.

Tracks will be published later.

Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination
Field Office
February 6, 2022