Press Release | Millions March for the northern barricade – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

Glory to our righteous martyrs, speedy recovery to the wounded, and freedom and safe return to all detainees and missing persons.

Our brave people:

Here we meet you again in the last winter of the Al Bashir regime’s security committee’s battle for the great country, and in the continuance of the path that the noble souls of the December martyrs honored, which will not be shattered before the tyranny of the general and his entourage.

The February 7th Millions march is a message to the dictator that power is the power of the people, the revolution is a people’s revolution, and the military is for the barracks.

At the start of the revolutionary February processions, we share with you the tracks and destinations of the February 7 millions march, which we agreed to name “Millions march for the northern barricade” in solidarity with the comrades…

Accordingly, the paths and points of assembly for our processions to the Republican Palace will be as follows:

Khartoum City:

  • Jackson Bus Station
  • Bashdar

Bahri City:

  • The Stadium
  • Al Gandoul Square

Greater Omdurman City:

  • The Stadium
  • Samah Pharmacy

El Hajj Yousif:

  • Bashdar

Sharg Al Nil:

  • Al Qurashi Park

Processions will move towards the tyrant’s palace at 1 P.M. Revolution Time.


  • Avoid clashes with the regular forces
  • Adhere to the processions tracks
  • Maintain social distance as much as possible
  • Maintain the peacefulness of the processions and cooperate with the security committees to resolve any issues.
  • Cooperate with the medical committees.
  • Adhere to the general safety guidelines.
  • Monitor intruders and notify security committees.
  • Retreat in groups at 5:00 P.M. per the directives of the field committees

Field Committee
Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination
February 6, 2022