Press Release | May 21 Procession – South Khartoum and Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination

On this day, the masses in the city of Omdurman marched out in the May 21 procession in Azhari Roundabout, exercising their right that was reclaimed by the pure blood of the martyrs, However, the fascist coup government decided to only practice its brutal repression against the peaceful protesters, using tear gas, live bullets, and the prohibited weapon, the shotgun.

As a consequence of this brutality, the revolutionary Muhammad Khalis was martyred, raising the total number of martyrs to 96 martyrs, large number of injuries, and running over the revolutionaries since the beginning of the October 25 coup.

Live bullets were fired to prevent access to the wounded and provide medical aid, and the Operations Authority militia is continuing a campaign of arrests in the vicinity of the neighborhoods adjacent to Azhari Roundabout.

We in South Khartoum and Al Kalakla Resistance Committees pray for God’s mercy to be bestowed upon the pure soul of the martyr as we affirm that Omdurman and other regions of Sudan will not be broken by these brutal practices and that the coup will end sooner rather than later.

Glory to the martyrs, and shame and disgrace to the coup authority and those who compromised on the blood of the martyrs.

Media Office
May 21, 2022