Press Release | May 19 March – South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination

The entire world and all dictatorships witnessed the perseverance and steadfastness of the Sudanese people, the courageous revolutionaries, in the face of those cowardly military arsenals fighting their defenseless people. This cowardly inhumane act is exactly equivalent to the proverb, “Behaves as lion towards me and as an ostrich at wars.” They can’t even defend themselves against a defenseless, peaceful people who marched out in large or small processions, let alone encounter another armed force from the borders or elsewhere.

Current events demonstrate that mercenarism leads to utter failure and extinction with a stigma that lingers for life and beyond as was the case with the Kiezan [Salvation Regime] and their tyrannical hounds, they hide and do not dare to reveal their affiliation so they have begun to create names and groups to hide behind in order to conceal their repulsive actions with the robe of honor and purity but, no matter what, foul odors cannot remain undetected, even if they are hidden behind a thousand gowns.

Our steadfast people:

The end of the coup authority’s occupation forces is approaching, and you are witnessing the constraints imposed on these murders, right and left. They formed up Al Burhan’s resistance committees and searched for forces to negotiate, but their efforts were futile since the tyrants’ destiny is known. They contend stubbornly, then they end up regretting it, and regret will not work at that time.

Our heroic revolutionaries:

We, in South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination, will go out with our comrades in Khartoum State on May 19 March to affirm the continuation of the movement on the ground, marching in millions and crushing all those who stand in its way in order to remove the malignant cancerous tumor of the coup authority from power once and for all, to ensure that these mercenary forces will not return to the streets of Sudan and to establish a total civilian government.

Accordingly, we urge all Sudanese, particularly residents of Al-Kalaklat, to demonstrate tomorrow at 1 p.m., revolution time.

Tracks will be published later, stay tuned.

Media Office
May 18, 2022