Press Release | May 16 March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

In the name of the rebellious and steadfast Sudanese people, we pray for God’s mercy to be bestowed upon the martyrs, a speedy recovery for the injured, and freedom for the detainees.

We applaud the mass movement’s steadfastness and strict commitment to march in peaceful processions on a regular basis to overthrow the coup and its authority, as the recent march coincided with the signing of the Charter for the Establishment of People’s Power, which was proposed and signed as a starting point for discussion, dialogue, and contemplation between the forces of the revolution that reject the coup and believe in democratic transformation.

We call on all those who reject the coup to continue the revolutionary escalation through the various methods of civil and peaceful resistance and to reject settlements that do not meet the aspirations of the Sudanese and do not reflect the goals of the glorious December revolution. Our people are stronger, and retreat is impossible. The power of the bloody coup authority will not defeat the will and valor of our victorious people.

On May 16th, we will march with our chants and armed with our peacefulness, which will continue to frighten tyrannical regimes. Tomorrow, we will win our revolution’s battle against the coup authority, and our flag will fly high until we achieve ultimate triumph and bring justice to the revolution’s martyrs; this is our commitment and covenant.

Glory to the martyrs, Victory to the Sudanese people

Media Office
May 13, 2022