Press Release | March for the Restoration of Teachers Dignity – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

Glory to the martyrs, patience and solace to their families and companions, speedy recovery to the injured, salutations to our steadfast people who are holding on to their cause.

The teachers and educators of my country, we highly appreciate your stance and solidarity for the right to a decent life, for national and civil government, freedom, peace and justice. With your stance and rejection of the policies of the coup authority that work to restrict the citizen who has been crushed by the failed economic policies that constitute the continuation of the state’s withdrawal from doing its role towards the citizen and the assault on his right to a decent life through systematic impoverishment, starvation and high prices, and wasting the state’s resources on the tools of oppression, systematic killing and militias, and allow the state’s forces to loot and assault the citizens and using their weapons against them, including killing, beating, arrest, enforced disappearance and rape, and even meeting the citizen’s rejection with excessive repression and humiliation, you have affirmed that the civil state is inevitably coming, and your implementation of more organization and arrangement to carry out your scheduled strike, and we call on all union and professional entities to coordinate and catch up with the teachers to prepare for the comprehensive civil disobedience to tighten the noose on the coup junta and to complete the revolutionary journey to bring it down.

The steadfast rebellious Sudanese people:

Bringing the revolution’s goal and the radical change that we have undertaken to fruition, as well as the task of putting an end to military coups and constructing the new state on the foundations of the desired democratic reform. It is important that we adhere to strict escalation, reorganizing ranks, and developing and diversifying methods to achieve this goal in honor of our honorable martyrs.

The masses of the Sudanese people in all the cities and villages of Sudan:

On March 21st, we will march in the “Restoration of Teachers Dignity” march to sustain and strengthen the peaceful resistance, develop it, and raise the levels of its organization by employing all tried and untested peaceful ways and techniques.  We also call on professional, labor, and craft union forces to become more organized by seeking to form political strike committees and connecting and coordinating them with resistance committees.

March 20, 2022