Press Release | March for the Restoration of Teachers Dignity – Al Ma’moura Resistance Committees

A teacher wrote a story, Ahmed wrote a story
We tell it to the generations, the story of a proud homeland
A well-known country of revolutionaries

The coup forces did not stop their humiliating violations of citizens in all parts of the country, and the violations affected the most important group in building society.

What can we expect from ignorant people who do not differentiate between child and elder? Their tyranny extends to anybody who attempts to reclaim their rights. What can we expect from filthy individuals who murder, rape, and violate the dignity of decent people while believing they are weakening us?

They are unaware that we are becoming stronger and more defiant in our position, and that we derive our strength and steadfastness from the teacher Ahmed Al-Khair and every teacher taught us the love of the homeland and instilled in us the belief that it is ours and that we are the descendents of the free.

The brave masses of our people, we in Al Ma’moura resistance committees invite you to come out on the 21st of March in a millions-march to restore the dignity of teachers, inappreciation and gratitude to those who were there for us from the start of our journey, to those who taught us to stand and fight for our rights, to those who revolted with us and sacrificed themselves for us.

Al Ma’moura Resistance Committees
March 21, 2022