Press Release | March Against The Rising Cost of Living – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

At first, we pray for God’s mercy to be upon the martyrs of the homeland and the cause of those who we were and are still following their footsteps, and we have no consolation for them other than a homeland that rises to achieve what they came out chanting and calling for, and we always demand freedom for the detainees who paid their freedom as a price for the freedom of the homeland.

The masses of our struggling people, you have always been and continue to be a symbol of resistance and defiance against every failed repressive regime; you have always been the first line of defense against all those who mess with the citizen’s livelihood and sustenance.

Our resistant people:

We are all aware of the extent to which the country’s economic and living conditions have deteriorated, as prices have gone crazy and have risen at an unprecedented levels, and the wave of inflation has affected the prices of all goods and supplies of fuel, bread, building materials, all commodities, particularly consumer goods, and our national currency has lost its value, resulting in a stagnation in the country’s markets, which has had a negative impact on all economic and social conditions. and citizens began to protest about exorbitant costs and poor living conditions.

It is clear that the coup d’état authorities have no solutions to get the country out of this worsening crisis and the terrible deterioration of the economy, and the coup authority continues to practice all forms of dictatorship and decisions that do not take into account the interests of the citizen, the regime continues to prove to all that it is nothing but an authority that imposed itself on the people without a single measure of qualifications.

In response, we, the masses of the inevitably victorious people, will take to the streets once again tomorrow, March 17th, with huge processions that will fill all the streets of the state, raising the voice of our demands for a homeland free of failed putschists; a homeland in which citizens guarantee their most basic rights and their livelihood is one of the first priorities of the government of their choice and is not imposed on them by the repressive authority as exercised by the current regime.

We declare that none of our demands will be compromised. and that the volume of our chants will only get louder until we have the homeland we dream of, a homeland of freedom, peace, and justice.

Media Office
March 16, 2022