Press Release | March 17th March – Hlfayat Almlook Change & Resistance Committees

The putschists and their supporters used the deteriorating economic situation and the crushed condition of the Sudanese citizen as  justification… after putting obstacles in the way of the transitional government, which was removed from power, and repudiating all of their duties of protecting the country’s resources, preventing smuggling, and combating nepotism. More than that, they clung to the businesses and money they inherited through the policies of the fformer regime.

Aside from the purposeful and deliberate economic strangulation, and their exploitation of the citizen’s livelihood to gamble on the failure of the civil part of the government – which is subordinate to them – as a ploy from their blatant and repeated trickery.

We are now in a darker tunnel, driven by juvenile decisions that have resulted in more blunders than before, as well as an increase in the prices of bread, medication, fuel, and electricity, so what was the coup for then?

The glorious December revolution sparked in demand for bread.. O, women and men of Sudan, come out of the queues for bread and the journeys in search for medicine between pharmacies, and to look at the grapes that are far from the hand, and let us go out again, rejecting the rising cost of living, and denouncing the general’s snatching of the vegetables sack from our hands to replace it with bullets.

On March 17th, at exactly one o’clock, we will let the military government that stole the bread hear our voice.

Hlfayat Al Mlook Change & Resistance Committees
Media Committee