Press Release | March 13 March – Northern State Resistance Committees Coordination

Revolutionaries in the Northern State:

We agreed in the coordination of the resistance committees in the state that next Sunday, March 13th, will be a revolutionary day in which millions will march towards the state government secretariat in the city of Dongola, raising the slogans of the great December revolution, adhering to the legacy of our honorable martyrs to shake the ground beneath the feet of the putschists and their forces in our state.

We call upon everyone to participate in order to uproot the coup regime and bringing it to its final resting place, adhering to the slogan “No negotiation, no partnership, no legitimacy.”

The beginning of the assembly at 1 o’clock revolution time, at the intersection of Saqr Al-Khaleej, the tracks will be defined by the field committee.

Media Office
March 11, 2022