Press Release | March 10th Massacre – East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination

Yesterday, on the tenth of March, Sudan witnessed another massacre among the series of massacres perpetrated by the coup council, in which two of the country’s revolutionaries were martyred as a result of excessive violence by the coup militias.

The coup forces’ insistence on shedding the blood of the country’s youth, women, and children may be the most compelling reason for their removal, as they are enemies of all movements for change and are working to stabilize everything old in order to violate the rights of the Sudanese people and deprive them of the right to life.

We value our right to life, and one of the goals of our revolution is to stop all violations, the first of which is killing. Therefore, the forces of darkness work to establish themselves using all forms of violence, but they do not know that a false victory that comes as a result of violence is equal to defeat.

In defense of our rights, and in continuation of the revolutionary action started by our martyrs, we announce that Siteen Street will be closed starting at five o’clock this evening by order of the revolutionaries.

The martyrs will remain a beacon that leads us to the end of the era of injustice and tyranny.

Mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs, and shame and disgrace to the militias of the coup leaders.

East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination
Media Office
March 11, 2022