Press Release | Learning From Mistakes – Al Mamoura Resistance Committees

Revolutionaries are the ones who made the change.

As we are in these great moments, the memory of the days preceding the sixth of the first great April looms around us, when everyone knew the goal but no one knew how to get there; no one can predict the results. With the exception of a few!

At the time, everyone came together and put their differences aside in order to achieve the same goal: overthrowing the same totalitarian regime through the General Command sit-in. People, politicians, and revolutionaries all worked in a true and honest manner. We had our objectives, and the regime’s leader fell as a result of everyone’s solidarity and the the concerted efforts at the General Command sit-in.

The days that followed demonstrated that victory resulted from the unification of ideas rather than the unification of forces and bodies that raced to achieve power and then divided once they had it. This resulted in an imbalance in the balance of ideas and events later on, as the ideal model plainly surfaced in the revolutionaries’ stance of refusing to negotiate away from the people’s hearing and sight, whilst the politicians were the polar opposite. They really went to negotiate, ignoring the street’s far-sighted vision.

Now, after years have passed and the sixth of April has returned, hopes have been rekindled and revolve around the revolutionaries and kandaka of my free land. They are the true hope for this wounded homeland; those who have gone through bitter experiences and their solutions, lost and missed, and learned from their mistakes and missteps in three difficult years; Sudan’s politicians, on the other hand, have not learned anything in sixty-seven years, and some of them still regard April 6th as an ordinary memory rather than a great day on which the scales of things will be tipped and past mistakes corrected.

Al Mamoura Resistance Committees
April 5, 2022