Press Release | Kreinik Massacre and The Tensions in El Geneina  – El Geneina Resistance Committees Coordination

The blood of the victims of the Mount Mun, Adekung, Sirba, and Khor Salim massacres has not yet dried, and this morning, April 24, militias invaded Kreinik locality for the second time in 48 hours, in a more brutal manner, leaving behind a large number of dead and injured and burning hundreds of homes. Thus yet, the human and material casualties have not been counted. Even hospitals, places of worship, and teachers housing were not spared from these attacks, with individuals inside being assaulted and slain in horrific and cruel acts.

The popular accounts of the attacks’ causes, manner of execution, timing, and weapons used are remarkably similar to those of their precedents in all the events that the state endured, confirming that they were planned in a highly accurate and clear conspiracy against the areas of events, as evidenced by many:

  • Each time an assault occurs, the regular forces retreat from their positions and return to their barracks, where they just watch.
  • The Rapid Support Forces’ participation in all attacks and events that occurred in the state.
  • The use of military vehicles and weaponry that are impossible for ordinary citizens to own.
  • Events are usually preceded by false and misleading statements by those responsible for peace and stability.

All of this and other evidence confirms that multiple parties were complicit in the events, that there are various reasons for these violations and those who profit from them, and that a criminal murder cannot be the reason for the siege of so many localities and regions for months and then the attack on them, as it occurs every time.

These repeated events demonstrate unequivocally that those who designed the Juba Agreement have a direct interest in these violations and are now working to prolong the coup’s life, as they purposefully ignored victims and stakeholders and failed to clearly specify the mechanism for disarming, arresting, and bringing militias to justice, they forgotten the root causes of the problem and jumped over them to get to the other side, where the power and money are, and there are undoubtedly agreements (under the table) and behind our people’s backs to split the power and the region’s resources.

The regular forces that control the machine of violence have formed militias and formed alliances with others, and civilians are now paying the price.

We can confirm that the situation has spiraled out of control in several regions, and the city of El Geneina, the state capital, has not been spared from these security breaches, as there has been heavy firing in different parts of the city since around 7:00 p.m. today.

We in El Geneina Resistance Committees resent the state’s current condition of affairs. We pray for God’s mercy to be bestowed upon on the souls of the victims. We wish a speedy recovery for the injured and solace for the families of the victims.  We condemn these barbaric and brutal attacks on Kreinik locality and the shameful position of the authorities. We appeal to everyone to provide aid and assist the victims and people of the region in every way possible.

Blessed are the martyrs, and glory be to the revolutionaries.

Media Committee
April 24, 2022