Press Release – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

The brave revolutionaries, the field committee of Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination, work with great dedication and sacrifice to protect the peaceful processions from the state’s systematic violence and to restrain its hand from committing massacres and violations as much as possible.

It also strives to keep the processions peaceful and safeguard their tracks in their endeavor to save the revolutionaries’ lives and safety, as well as to protect their belongings from theft, which has become a habit of the coup forces.

As a result, the field office issued the following directions to safeguard the processions and ensure the safety of the revolutionaries, particularly those on the front lines:

  1. Absolute commitment to peacefulness and the arrest of anybody who initiates violence
  2. No clashing with the regular forces.
  3. Commitment to the field committees’ announced and agreed-upon tracks.
  4. Commitment to the announced time of procession start.
  5. Everyone is required to use barricades to safeguard the procession and employing counter-and-evade strategy.
  6. Monitoring intruders and saboteurs inside the procession.
  7. The presence of flags and banners at the head of the procession before it moves, as well as everyone should be behind them.
  8. Facilitating the transportation of the injured using the motors and rickshaws.
  9. The importance of not moving away from the front of the procession in the event of counter-and-evade to protect the front of the procession and not to separate it to thwart the security cordon
  10. Commitment to the time of return and the end of the processions, as well as the slow retreat with barricades to protect everyone from arrest and thievery at the end of the processions.
  11. Carry no valuables (watch, laptop, ring, chain, cash, etc.) and avoid using mobile phones as much as possible.
  12. Use low-cost phones (i.e Rebecca) to prevent the coup soldiers from looting the rebels.

Adhering to the directives protects your revolutionary brothers, reduces the use of violence, and accelerates the downfall of the regime

Field Office
Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination
January 11, 2022