Press Release | June 9 Procession – Al Dayum Al Shargiyah Resistance Committees Coordination

The rebellious people of Sudan:

Here we go out again tomorrow, Thursday, June 9, on the streets of Khartoum and the states of Sudan, demanding what our brothers and sisters, the martyrs, have demanded before us, in all regions of our Sudan, the right of the Sudanese citizen to live and to cherish their precious souls.

We continue to observe the coup authority’s contempt for the legitimate demands of the Sudanese people, as well as the continuation of brutality, murder, and oppression.

We and our comrades in the resistance committees in Khartoum and the states were and still are committed to the demands of the Sudanese people, who categorically reject the rule of the military and have clearly expressed their demand that there is no partnership, no negotiation with the military, and no legitimacy for the coup.

The real change is inevitably coming, and the Sudanese people will seize power from the hands of the putschists, in a completely peaceful fashion, just like we did with the corrupt former regime.

Aldayum Alshargiyah Resistance Committees Coordination calls on all the Sudanese people to go out tomorrow, Thursday, June 9, in a procession, towards the palace of the putschists, “Palace of fools”.

  • Bashdar Intersection
  • Time: 12:00 PM

Aldayum Alshargiyah Resistance Committees Coordination
Media Office
June 8, 2022