Press Release | June 22 Procession – Al Kalakla Al Quteia Resistance Committees

Glory to the honorable martyrs, glory to those whose limbs were burnt under tents, to those who fell on the ground to ascend to heaven while defending freedom, justice and peace. No salutation to the coward, opportunistic, and ignorant fools.

Our brave people:

On our way to the thirtieth of June, our peaceful processions continue to carry on the struggles of our steadfast people in the face of the coup council and its militias, that have made repression and bloodshed their profession. The great sacrifices that our proud people have made and continue to make in order to achieve the goals of our glorious revolution inspire us to persevere on this journey. Those responsible for shedding these pure bloods must brace themselves for retribution.

Our valiant people:

Al Kalakla Al Quteia Resistance Committees invites you to participate in its mass promotional procession as part of processions on the road to June 30, on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. The assembly points and the internal tracks of the procession will be published at a later time…

Media Office
Al Kalakla Al Quteia Resistance Committees
June 20, 2022