Press Release | July 31 March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

To begin, we pray for God’s mercy for the honorable martyrs of the homeland in all parts of Sudan, and mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution, who dreamed of a homeland in which the values of freedom, justice, peace and the right to a decent life are exalted, a homeland that does not take away their lives from its sons & daughters, a speedy recovery for the wounded and injured, and freedom for detainees of the forces of peaceful movement, shame and disgrace to the putschists.

The torrential torrent of mass movement on the July 31 march in the capital is determined to teach the putschists and opportunists a new eloquent lesson in the meanings of the popular will that stripped the coup authority of their legitimacy, on a day documented with valor in the history of Sudan and the pages of the glorious December revolution, so that in the present of the peaceful resistance, it becomes a significant event on the road to overthrowing the coup and establishing a pure civil authority

Let us make July 31 March an earthquake that shakes the rusty coffin of the coup authority, and exposes its contradiction to the will of our proud people who are determined to sweep it to the dustbin of history, and to establish a pure civil authority, leading to a full civil democratic transformation.

We affirm that we are on our path towards overthrowing the coup authority and building our civil state and the revolutionary tide and the mass escalation of resistance by all tried and innovative methods will continue until their complete overthrow. Our people are stronger and retreat is impossible, and the violence of the putschists will not defeat the will and valor of our people.

Media Office
July 29, 2022