Press Release | Jebel Mun Massacre – East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination

The putschists have branded themselves as advocates of peace, excluding  the pseudo-Juba Peace Agreement from being revoked after they abolished the already damaged constitutional document.

Rather, they kept their partners in their alleged peace within their coup authority, claiming to safeguard the commitments of the peace agreement, which are nothing more than additional privileges for the blood merchants.

Despite this, the coup authority continues to practice the most heinous forms of murder and rape against the citizens of Darfur state in Jebel Mun, in continuation of the bloodsheding and the displacement of the people of the land to accommodate foreigners from neighboring countries. As a result, the displaced suffer the most severe misery in the refugee camps, while those who demanded peace close their mouths as they see their families lying corpses on the roads and women raped by terrorist militias with whom they refuse to bargain and share power and chairs in exchange for their cheap silence.

Darfur is Sudan, and the stakeholders are more deserving of it than you, you pretentious peacekeepers, and together, we shall voice its aspirations for peace and retribution against the perpetrators of those massacres since the rule of the former regime and its current extension.

We will continue our struggle and our resistance so that peace prevails throughout the country and that every killer and criminal will receive their punishment on the gallows.

Mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs
And speedy recovery to the injured.
And justice for all victims of rape, sexual and physical abuse.

East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination
March 9, 2022