Press Release | January 9th March – Old Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

We eagerly anticipate the ninth of January, when Omdurman shined brightly as the dawn rays with its central march, defying the security forces and former regime’s battalions heroically. The first Omdurman martyrs on that day were: Muhammad Al-Fateh, Muhammad Al-Mustafa Khojali, and Salih Abdul-Wahhab. We pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness for them, as well as for others who came after them and sacrificed their lives for this country.

After the previous regime’s leader fell, the oppressor’s hand continued to kill us with its soldiers and militias, and they did not consider what they had seen of the people’s will triumphing against totalitarian military rule.

So we tell them, as we said to those who preceded them:

We will not be dissuaded by intimidation, arrest, or murder, and our resistance will continue to be peaceful, valiantly screaming our chants and revolutionaries determined on overthrowing your government.

We, the Old Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination, announce that we will recall our memories and that our revolutionary fight to recover the motherland from its thieves will continue, and that on #Jan9March, we will march to uproot Al Burhan and those with him. Omdurman will come out with its revolutionaries to reclaim the civil state by the people’s decision.

Old Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination
January 7, 2022