Press Release | January 13 March – Sahafa Resistance committees

First and foremost, we pray for the soul of a martyr, El-Rayyah Mohammed, who was brutally murdered today by the occupying forces, as well as for the injured and wounded to recover quickly.

We know for certain, based on our horrific experience with this murderous system over the past three decades, that the next one will be no worse than current one in any way.

Today’s excessive repression by the armed forces, the Central Reserve, the police, and their union for killing unarmed rebels with all types of weapons, including live bullets, dushka weapon, armor penetrating gears, and army jeeps and trucks that began to drive over the protesters, is indeed a collapse and proof that the people have the highest power and that we are capable of defeating them with all their weapons.

We, Sahafa Resistance committees, hold the Coup Council accountable for the blood spilled and the lives lost. We renew our pledge with the innocent victims, without compromise or partnership based on their blood. We confirm that arrest, murder and violent suppression will not work with the people who loved martyrdom, and with a generation keeping their promise to the innocent victims. We will indeed be able to complete this revolution without fear of death or arrest, united to bring down this despicable coup.

Media Office
January 14, 2022