Press Release| Jabal Mun Massacre in Darfur – Port Sudan Resistance Committees

We have received disturbing reports about atrocities committed in
West Darfur by armed militias disguised under falsified tribal identities.
The past week’s events have resulted in over 200 deaths, the burning
of more than 1003 houses in 20 villages, and the displacement of
thousands. Twenty incidences of child rape have been documented, in
addition to tens of cases in which the victims were women residing in
the locality of Jabal Mun (West Darfur).

We, in the Port Sudan resistance committees, hold the military council
responsible for these events, as well as the continuation of a false
peace state that only serves to perpetuate conflict.

International and national organizations are urged to provide
assistance as soon as possible.

We send our deepest condolences to the families of the martyrs and
wish a speedy recovery to those injured.

Port Sudan Resistance Committees
24 November 2021

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