Press Release | Invitation from the UNITAMS mission- Madani Resistance Commitees

Today, January 26, 2022, Madani Resistance Committees received an invitation from the UNITAMS mission to meet with Madani Resistance Committees, without clarifying the purpose or agenda of the meeting. After consultations with the offices within the committees, it was decided to issue this general statement:

  • First: The Madani Resistance Committees are committed to the principle of transparency and the dissemination of information to the Sudanese people, as stated in the proposed political declaration of the Madani Resistance Committees.
  • Second: According to the same proposed political declaration, we are committed to the principle of national sovereignty, which is based on the fact that the solution to the problems of the Sudanese will be through them. In order to protect their interests, we are committed to restoring the ownership of the Sudanese to their decision.
  • Third: We abide by the decision of the revolutionaries that there is no negotiation, no partnership, and no legitimacy, and we have chosen to continue on this path.
  • Fourth, foreign interventions in Sudan have historically facilitated the control of resources and the maintenance of dictatorial military authority. So far, the international community has clearly supported the coup parties, including the European Union and UN entities, including the UNAMS mission, and they are attempting to set the stage in order to tighten the coup’s military and security grip, whose brute power continues to harvest Sudanese lives, increase its oppression of the Sudanese people, and seize their right to peaceful expression of their rejection of it.
  • Fifth: The position of Madani resistance committees was published in detail in the proposed political declaration, and we have no other position to discuss in meeting with any local or foreign party. Our discussions will take place with the bases in Madani and the state of Al Gezira, as well as the resistance committees in the states and the capital, in order to reach an agreement on a single political declaration that would lead the country out of the coup and the chronic political crisis.
  • Sixth: For all the above-mentioned, the resistance committees of Madani apologize for accepting the meeting invitation submitted by the Unitams mission, and we call upon all the resistance committees to pay attention to the dangers of internal divisions and disagreements caused by such calls, because the division at this moment threatens and disrupts the December revolution.

Madani Resistance Committees
January 26, 2022