Press Release |Full and uncoditional support for the revolutionaries of the north – East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination

The 25/10 military coup – which was carried out by Al-Burhan / Hemedti with the support of internal and external forces – plunged our country into a severe crisis in all political, economic and security aspects. And returned our revolution to the starting line, through the delinquency of the military clinging to power to protect the interests and gains intertwined with the remnants of the old regime and to undermine the revolution’s trend towards achieving its goals in removing the pillars of the former regime and establishing a civil and democratic state.

Our brave revolutionaries:

Given the military’s refusal to fulfil the requirements and obligations of the transition by handing over power to civilians and plunging the country into a vicious circle by pursuing policies of violence and killing against the resistance in order to break the will of the people and establish the fait accompli, those policies have failed miserably in light of the people’s adherence to their revolution and its goals.

In light of these circumstances, which are rife with violence, terrorism, and bloodshed, the United Nations initiative comes within the framework of the search for indicators of a political solution with political actors, led by the resistance committees. In the same vein, the visit of the Zionist delegation comes to enhance technical and logistical support for the coup leaders and provide their expertise and advice in the field of repression and terrorism against peoples.

On the other hand, the visit of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi comes in the same direction to confirm support, protection and support for the coup, and the lack of respect for the desires and will of the Sudanese people for freedom and democracy, and in contravention of their revolutionary movement rejecting the military coup and adherence to the civil state. In this situation, we reiterate our utter rejection of the policy of interference in Sudanese affairs, and the lack of respect for the choices of the people of Sudan and their valiant resistance.

Glorious Revolutionaries:

East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination affirms its full and uncoditional support for the revolutionaries of the north as they defend the dignity of the homeland by preventing the plundering of its wealth, and their legitimate rights to defend the right to life by rejecting the policies of the coup in the increase in electricity prices. We also warn the coup authorities against attacking or attempting to break up the sit-in by force.

East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination would like to reaffirm our people’s right to fight and defeat the coup using all lawful measures of resistance, including demonstration, disobedience, strike, and barricading.  We also express our support for the unity of all revolutionary forces in defeating the coup and removing the military from the political arena completely.

The people are stronger and there is no way back. Shame and disgrace for murderers and bloodthirsty.

East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination
January 22, 2022