Press Release | February Marches – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordinations

Mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs of the homeland since independence through the night of October 25th to the martyrs of the resistance to the coup, who rose to high up, stressing that there is no military rule after today; By the end of January, our peaceful resistance to the October coup completes the hundred days in which we fought epic battles. We reiterated that we are the generation that was destined to pay the price of the end of the military coups forever, and we will not postpone this battle at any cost or for any length of time.

To all the heroic Sudanese resistance forces:

The tyrant thought that we are an easy target, and that fear is a stone that will stop the flow of the sea of victory; But let them know that our word is one and that their necks will be hung on the gallows, and that we are in the footsteps of our martyrs under the shadow of our firm position: no negotiation, no partnership, no bargaining with the coup council.

The coup is reeling and shattering from within as a result of the resistance of the Sudanese people and the pressure that rejects this inevitably falling coup.

The revolution continues, and its methods of resistance multiply, change, and renew, so February will be a great month in the march of the December revolution, in which the Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordinations Charter and its proposal for the unity of the anti-coup revolutionary forces will be completed and announced.

We affirm our support for all forms of resistance under various names against the military coup, and accordingly we announce the unified schedule of million marches for the state in February:

  • February 07 March
  • February 14 March
  • Februay 21 March
  • February 28 March

The rest of the days of the month will be left to other forms of resistance, according to what the committees and coordination see, and for the unions and professional bodies; and that February is nothing but another step we are taking steadily towards the desired goal and the civil state.

“Say to those who spreading death and correcting the path in the name of God in the streets, that God is alive and does not die.”

Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordinations
Field Committee
January 31, 2022