Press Release | February 28 March – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

We are nearing the end of a new month of national struggle against the forces of darkness and counter-revolution, which have been horrified by the ferocity and steadfastness of this great nation. They didn’t know what to do, day after day, and with each step the revolutionaries made, the revolution’s rings tightened around their necks. The people were undeniably stronger, and those who misrepresent the facts can burn in hell!

The February 28 March comes as the forces of the revolution are taking a step forward by announcing the birth of the charter of the resistance committees in Khartoum after months of dialogue and deliberation among the resistance committees in all neighborhoods, as part of efforts to coordinate the positions of the living revolutionary forces that adhere to the radical change in the center and the various states of Sudan, and work to build their broad base alliance and to protect its revolutionary will against kidnapping and neutralization, as well as to ensure its readiness to receive the full civil national authority and supervise it in order to reflect the slogans of the revolution and achieve democratic transformation, justice and peace in the state of citizenship and the independence of political and economic decision, and to break the vicious cycle of military coups that kept ravaging our country once and for all.

On this great day, and in support of further advancements in the political arena of revolution and the unification of the popular front, our march on February 28th in the millions-march of establishment of the authority of the people’s charter to shake the throne of tyrants towards the palace of the tyrant at one o’clock revolution time, we open a new battle with the forces of death and destruction, a battle in which victory will always be on the side of the people. The people are determined, and whoever challenges the people will perish, even if after a while!

Tracks will be published later…

Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination
Field Office
February 27, 2022