Press Release | February 21 March – Hlfayat Almlook Change & Resistance Committees

The military coup council’s repressive policy increased and continues to increase our tenacity and determination. Our martyrs shed blood, so don’t imagine your jails are big enough to hold the free people who promised the martyrs they’d complete the journey.

We are aware that the road ahead is long, and that the cost of freedom is high and heavy. However, ahead of us stands the dawn of a certain promise. Generations’ futures are before us, and it is our responsibility to complete both recent and distant history.

Militias and regular forces are still practicing enforced disappearance and excessive brutality, not to mention the use of lethal force, as the death toll has risen to 81 since the October 25 coup.

We condemn this bloodthirsty council and hold it fully responsible for every drop of blood spilt, as well as every unjust and arbitrary detainee in their prisons, and we demand the immediate release of all detainees.

We swear to you, murderers, that your end is near.

We shall march out on February 21st, resolute to put an end to the age of military coups, to follow in the footsteps of our martyrs, and to achieve the goals of the glorious revolution.

“One day our country will be free, and all the corrupt will be gone… all the oppressors will die.”

Media Committee
Hlfayat Almlook Change & Resistance Committees
February 18, 2022