Press Release | February 20 March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

Revolutionaries of this great nation:

Salute to our rebellious people, no force defeat the will of this people, and no ruler defeat their demands as they strive for freedom and a democratic civil state. Salute to the glorious martyrs of the Sudanese revolution, who are more generous than all of us. Speedy recovery for the wounded and injured, the safe return of the missing, and freedom for the detainees inside the cells of the coup council.

To the victims of rape, to our steadfast women, the proud and beacons of our struggle who resolved to revive the resistance standing in the face of injustice. They wrote history with their glory and shaped the highest meanings of resistance and struggle with their awareness, charting the way for us to achieve a free and democratic Sudan in which they will live without fear or oppression. We will bring the rapists and murderers to justice, and we will restore your rights by holding the perpetrators accountable. “117 days” have passed since the coup of tyrants and the attempt to abort the revolution, in which our proud people inflicted various kinds of grievances and massacres in which the souls of the pure martyrs were lost with the bullets of treachery that settled in our hearts before it took away their souls, the rape of our valiant women and the use of excessive oppression and unjust arrests, and that only made us more resolute and stronger.

We are following the extent of your eagerness to get rid of the power of darkness, but the military coup and opportunists have remained a real impediment to the people’s desires, who paved the way for the great revolution with the blood of martyrs, and the rest are on the covenant, walking and determined to complete the path.

Our brave people:

We, Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination, affirm our full readiness to participate in the February 20 march, in our belief in the symbolism of today, with our march’s destination being the palace of fools (The republican palace), in commemoration of the “الرهيفة التنقد” (Let the weakest link break) procession that called for real reform within the military establishment.

Media Office
February 19, 2022