Press Release | Events of West Darfur – Abuadam Resistance Committees

To begin,mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs from the Most Merciful, glory and eternity for them in the gardens of heaven, speedy recovery for our wounded and injured heroes, and a victorious return for the detainees and the forcibly disappeared.

The revolution became a voice for all Sudanese, regardless of their different appearances, ethnicities, cultural, intellectual, pluralistic, and religious affiliations, to find themselves in a homeland that satisfies their needs and protects their rights so that they can carry out their responsibilities to it and do what they can to advance it.  One of the revolution’s key principles is that no tribal, regional, ideological, or religious ideology should be used to divide stakeholders. “Oh, you arrogant racist, the whole country is Darfur,” the Sudanese had previously chanted. Hence, we pray for God’s mercy for the victims of West Darfur events and condemn extrajudicial killings, regardless of their causes and motives. The country’s current predicament is directly due to the military coup and its ambitions. the situation necessitates unity in order to revive the spirit that believes in comprehensive change within the framework of collaborative action that respects and embraces the other without prejudice or harm.

The charter for establishing people’s power is our guiding force and the foundation cannot be compromised in order to accomplish the unity of the resistance committees in Khartoum with the charters of the resistance committees in the states in order to produce a single charter for the resistance committees in Sudan, we adhere to it as a solid bond, upon which the rest of the revolution’s comrades can build and present to all the union, professional, and demand blocs, as well as the political organizations rejecting the coup of October 25 and its supporters, in order to organize the ranks of all components of the Sudanese nation in order to define the form of the Sudanese state and its complete civil governing institutions.

Last but not least, after more than nine months of the coup leaders and their followers faltering and retreating from what they have done as a result of constant pressure, the division of the revolution forces is still ongoing, and it is increasing day by day in a manner that cannot overthrow the coup but can constantly disrupt it. The revolution’s forces must unite to defeat the coup and then advance towards a democratic transition, using the Charter of the Resistance Committees as the foundation for the stability of the Sudan and its people.

Abuadam Resistance Committees
Media & Communication Office
August 7, 2022