Press Release | Events of May 21 Procession – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

The coup authorities and their various forces committed acts of violence and killing with live ammunition against peaceful revolutionaries during a procession on May 21 in the national capital of Omdurman, resulting in the martyrdom of a revolutionary (Mohammed Khalis) and the injury of dozens of others.

We pray for God’s mercy to be upon the martyr and a speedy recovery for the wounded, and we urge on the peaceful revolutionaries to adhere to peacefulness and begin an open escalation in all the cities and villages of Sudan, using all the methods of peaceful and civil resistance.

This brutal coup authority has been carrying out all of its activities without restraint or regard for this great nation. We urge on all forces that reject the coup to intensify their political and revolutionary actions.

In conclusion, woe to those who committed crimes against the Sudanese people, woe to the coup authority and their supporters, and woe to those who violated fundamental rights. The revolution will triumph, and you will have a destiny that you will not escape.

Media Office
May 22, 2022