Press Release | Events of March Against The Rising Cost of Living – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

The masses of our people marched in various cities across Sudan on March 17th march, adhering to their peacefulness and the tenacity of the peaceful revolutionaries who approached the borders of (People’s Palace) in repeated scenes and well-known stances that have not ceased since the coup’s daybreak.

The March 17 march, which we called (March against the rising cost of living), conveyed its direct messages about the poor economic situation in the country that this coup authority and its policies have caused since the October 25 coup.

The violations of the forces of the coup authority continued and the peaceful revolutionaries were subjected to beatings, shootings, sound bombs and tear gas, which these forces are still using directly against the peaceful demonstrators. Cases of looting, robbery of personal property, and attacks on citizens in Buri and the central Khartoum area have been documented, along with beatings, humiliation, and breaking windows of some cars, and these are ongoing crimes committed by members and soldiers of these forces.

We hold this coup authority responsible for all these events and crimes committed against peaceful revolutionaries and innocent citizens.

Unfortunately, we witnessed the coup authority’s forces storming various health facilities, including the Al-Hikma clinic in central Khartoum, as well as the National Laboratory (Stack) and the beating and looting of its workers’ belongings. 

We call on all the revolutionaries and revolutionaries to adhere to the peacefulness that has been the title of revolution and resistance because it is the way that will bring down this coup soon.

Media Office
March 17, 2022