Press Release | Events of March 31 March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

We salute our people, who have written a new epic today that plunges the coup plotters into the abyss, and the end is not far away.

The coup of destruction, blood, and murder continues its practice of killing defenseless sons of Sudan as it has been accustomed to since the fateful twenty-fifth of October. Today, we also shed tears for December’s beloved son, who was shot by the putschists, the martyr / Asim Hasab Al Rasoul, who received the bullet of treachery and betrayal in his chest that carries the wishes of building Sudan for future generations so that they are not exposed to the scourge of oppression, wars, coups, and devastation.

There have been far too many casualties today as well. The numbers are large, with the majority of them being carried out with live bullets by the coup forces. The world must know that the coup authority has sold their motherland for a low price, whereas the Sudanese people love and sacrifice their lives for their country. Bullets, murder, persecution, and cruelty will not dissuade or discourage them. Their downfall became very near.

We would like to send a message to the putschits, emphasizing that the bullets will not deter our people from completing their revolution and tossing you into Kober prison as they did for those who came before you, and that it is for a date that is near and not far away, and that we shall see you in April.

Media Office
March 31, 2022