Press Release | Events of January 24 March – Al Kalakla Al Gubba Resistance Committees

The coup authority, as we know it, is still continuing in its brutality and the shedding of the blood of its people, putting its joint regular forces under its various names as a cannon in the face of its people. The brutality and humiliation of peaceful revolutionaries that we observed today in the “January 24 March” will not last long, as dawn is inevitably coming.

Today, we mourn the loss of three martyrs, raising the total number of martyrs to 76 since the brutal October 25 coup.

To The International Community:

Despite the heinousness of their crimes, they falsely claim to be victims of the change of peaceful protests into violence, in an attempt to provide a false cover for their ongoing crimes and a desperate attempt to take the victim role and elicit public sympathy, but no way.

To the revolutionaries holding the embers of the cause:

We, Al Kalakla Al Gubba Resistance Committees, declare that our processions will continue and that we will close the streets until Al Burhan and the coup authority are deposed, the killers are brought to justice, and all regular forces are restructured, because they have demonstrated that they are incapable of protecting their people, but only capable of killing them…

Message to the revolutionaries:

Despite these frantic and desperate attempts to halt the advance of the triumphant revolutionaries, God willing, the revolution is moving forward to fulfill its goals, and will continue till victory.

Media & Culture Office
January 24, 2022