Press Release | Events of February 7 March – Al Kalakla Al Gubba Resistance Committees

To begin, we pray for the pure souls of our martyrs, and we pray for a speedy recovery for the wounded and the injured, as well as the freedom of those who have been held in captivity and forcibly disappeared.

We are still in the era of military rule and we will continue to resist against it, and we will defeat those who are drowning in the pools of injustice, murder, corruption and violations.

We are fully aware that the bitter affliction that has befallen us as a result of the deaths of our loved ones, brothers and sisters, martyrs, and revolutionarieson our way to liberate this from these gangs, and it will not go away till they are permanently removed.

To our people, the teacher of revolutions:

This great day has proven itself by its people’s peacefulness, resolve, and tenacity who have brought down the former regime, which will soon be followed by the downfall of the Military Council. This day planted a solid human awareness that glorifies the entitlement and inevitability of good triumphing over evil, humiliation and bloodshed, and it informed the rest of the world’s peoples about steadfastness.

What happened today in the February 7 million march of brutal repression and violations of the use of tear gas to cause direct injury, stun grenades, live and rubber bullets, shotgun, and finally the throwing of rocks at peaceful protesters resulted in a large number of injured and wounded, and we wish them a speedy recovery. Let the military know that using such proven, cheap, brutal methods to suppress the revolutionaries, extinguish their resolve and extinguish the fire of the revolution is impossible, and illusion the military thinks it is a reality.

The dawn of victory is about to rise, surrounded by the souls of our honorable martyrs and the great struggle of our people, and the ascent of the tank will not stop it nor will the bootlicker mercenaries.

We in the Al Kalakla Al Gubba Resistance Committees and all the resistance committees throughout this country affirm our previously announced position, which is to overthrow the current military council and bring an end to the era of tanks and dictatorships, and we will not stop until the tyrant falls, and we will continue and complete the path of struggle until the end.

Long Live the resistance.

Media & Culture Office
February 7, 2022