Press Release | Events of February 28 March – East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination

Mercy and forgiveness for the righteous martyrs of our revolution, speedy recovery for the injured and wounded, freedom for the detainees and the kidnapped, and return for the missing ones.

With that stated, there aren’t enough words to describe your courage and steadfastness today as you conquer the tyrant’s throne and his security services and militias once again to crown your steadfastness and valor by reaching the Republican Palace, and there is nothing new in the approach of security and military forces of all shades that the coup regime and its cronies use to repress the revolutionaries by employing army machinery, heavy military, live bullets, rubber bullets, shotguns, direct targeting with tear gas canisters, stun grenades, armored vehicles, and colored water, resulting in many injuries and arrests in the three localities’ processions.

These security forces, which lacked a moral compass, continued to attack the neighborhoods surrounding the procession areas, intimidating defenseless civilians, plundering properties, and violating the sanctity of hospitals, as well as the rights of patients, physicians, and working staff.

As a result of this behavior and brutality in yesterday’s processions, two from our dear countrymen were killed by the sinful hands of the treacherous forces in the procession of Omdurman, the martyr “Ahmed” from the sons of Al Abbasiyah, and from the procession of Bahri, the child martyr “Mohab Adil Qassam al-Sid, 15 years old” from the sons of the Drushab. we ask God to bestow his mercy and forgiveness upon them.


Our stance in the line of fire will remain wonderful for a long time until we obtain our salvation, and we will not rest until this homeland is liberated. The resistance committees, joined by their brave people, will remain a poisoned dagger in the hearts of tyrants.

Either we avenge the whole  country or we die as revolutionaries.

East Khartoum Resistance Committees Coordination
March 1, 2022