Press Release | Events of February 14th March – East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination

Today, February 14th, the roaring processions marched across the localities of Khartoum State and the states of our beloved motherland to once again deliver messages to the coup authorities and to assure them of the people’s permanent rejection of their rule, the military’s rule and its guardianship.

Processions marched peacefully towards the parliament building in Omdurman, writing an epic of steadfastness in front of the seat of the people’s authority, despite heavy repression by security and military coup agencies, who used all means of repression i.e tear gas, rubber bullets, shotgun bullets, and live bullets in the face of peaceful revolutionaries. and as a result of live bullet firing, the revolutionary Munther Abdel Rahim martyred, and many others were injured, in addition to a number of arrests.

The brutal authorities used no less force of repression in the face of the revolutionaries who headed to Khartoum’s Palace of fools, using all the tools of repression, from armored vehicles to colored water cannon, however the revolutionaries met them only with more determination and steadfastness, and with bare chests. among them, a large number of injuries were reported, in addition to another martyr, Muhammad Ibrahim, who was killed by a shotgun in the neck and chest andreport of run-over by Thatcher vehicle in the East Nile procession and a number of injuries in the Bahri city procession with rubber bullets and shotgun.

Our brave people:

We assure you and you that the actions of the coup  authorities and its apparatus will not dissuade us from continuing our battle and revolution to overthrow them and return to the true democratic and civil government path to which we all aspired.

We affirm that our dream and the dream of our martyrs of a state of freedom, peace, and justice remains and will remain alive until it is achieved.

We will not break, we will not falter, and we will not back down.

May God’s mercy be upon our righteous martyrs, beacons of the way

Martyr: Munzir Abdel Rahim (Bebo)
Martyr: Mohamed Ibrahim

to them immortality
Speedy recovery to all injured
Blessed return to the missing and kidnapped
Freedom for all detainees

“The authority is the authority of the people, the revolution is the revolution of the people, and retreat is impossible.”

Long live the resistance, and victory is nothing but a little patience, work and change.

East Khartoum Neighborhoods Resistance Committees Coordination
Media Office
February 14, 2022