Press Release | Events of April 6 March – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

Our struggling people:

You were the teacher and the book, and you wrote in golden lines the history of tomorrow’s Sudan, the bright Sudan that is dotted with sacrifices and the blood of Sudanese men and women who fulfilled what they promised to their martyred brothers, because tomorrow will inevitably come with the perseverance and determination of our victorious people.

Our hero people:

You have demonstrated to the peoples of the world that on April 6th, this coup will inevitably fall, that it is only a matter of time, and that every drop of blood shed, everyone who gave one of their limbs, and everyone who was arrested or had their property stolen from them must know that the time of accountability is inevitably coming.

Yesterday, our people won another battle against the putschists with their steadfastness, valor, and the sacrifices of their sons and daughters, and they sent in the putschists’ mail (Verily, woe and humiliation are upon you).

The masses of our people:

Despite this precious victory that we achieved together, we lost a beloved son of our country. We ask for God’s mercy to be bestowed upon his pure soul, the martyr / Al Tayyib Abdul Wahab, 19 years old, who was shot by coup authority forces during the suppression of the April 6 march in the city of Sharg Al Nil in Khartoum State.

And it becomes a covenant and a promise from us that your soul will be at peace on the day we reach the end of our journey and achieve a full civil state.

December Revolutionaries:

The “April 6” anniversary has come to confirm that the revolution is still rooted and burning in the hearts of the rebellious people, and we have gained several gains on this day, most notably asking many questions about (what to do?) and what are the necessary ways to complete the revolution’s path and end the authority of the coup, and perhaps the clearest answer to these questions is the arrangements that we started together in building the charter for the establishment of people’s authority, and the relentless pursuit – which is taking place in full swing – in the discussion with the general resistance committees about agreeing on a unified formula for the charter, which will soon see the light, and will serve as guidance and a way We follow it until we reach the dawn of revolution and democracy.

We have been following the coup authority’s movements and their clear alliance with the Bashir regime, the dissolved National Congress Party, and the Islamic movement ousted by the people’s order, as well as the return of all employees of the ousted regime to  their positions, and we assure them that we will continue our tireless work to put an end to this apostasy.

The leaders of the dissolved National Congress were released by the coup authority through politicized judicial rulings, as they had previously been released after October 25 and then imprisoned again. And it became evident that this coup authority had staged this open charade in order to grant them false freedom and acquit them at the expense of justice, as well as to erase all of their documented and well-known atrocities against the Sudanese people.

Media Office
April 7, 2022