Press Release | Events of April 6 March – Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination

On April 6, the active forces of the revolution and its broad masses marched in millions in Sudan’s triangle capital and numerous cities, all prepared to deliver the putschists and opportunists an eloquent lesson in the meanings of popular will, adding new epic battle to the history of April, the dreadful to the dictatorships, and the tyrant graveyard.

The Free Revolutionaries:

The putschist militias continue to use the most heinous forms of violence and brutality against peaceful revolutionaries, including live bullets and tear gas, which has become a habit that has resulted in the injury of dozens of people; we wish them a speedy recovery, and the martyrdom of a brave revolutionary fighter Abdel-Wahhab son of Sharq Al-Nil, we pray for God’s mercy to be bestowed upon his pure soul.

The April6 march demonstrated to the entire world that the people are devoted to the glorious December revolution’s aims of freedom, peace, and justice, and that they would not deviate from the path or succumb to a procrastination and time-wasting policy. Our revolution has a long life capable of creating the new Sudan’s history, and the April 6 millions march will not be the end of our journey,  but rather a spark that erupts a volcano of anger that devours the pillars of their decaying regime. And we will maintain a schedule of continuous peaceful escalation until it reaches its goal.

Media Officer
April 6, 2022