Press Release | Enforced disappearance will not end until the coup is overthrown – Al Kalakla Al Qubba Resistance Committees

The great December revolution occurred for the sake of peace, freedom, and justice, as well as the reinforcement of fundamental rights and ideals. All Sudanese were hopeful about this revolution and saw in it the fulfillment of their ambitions and aspirations, as well as the rejection of the evil that the Sudanese endured and its causes; even the international and regional community welcomed it and accepted it and rushed to support it.

All the sons and daughters of Sudan become more determined to build the country, each in their own field, taking on themselves the task of developing the people of Sudan.


This change did not sit well with the putschists, and it happened that they refused to realize the hope of the sons and people of Sudan and as a result, they carried out the coup, brandishing their guns, threatening and executing their authority on October 25, 2021, enforcing all forms of tyranny, oppression, killing, and destruction. We witnessed the loss of 115 comrades, whom we consider as martyrs with God, and over 5,000 injured and wounded as we rejected the rule of force and demanded the supremacy of the rule of law that applies to everyone, providing justice and lifting injustice. as there are many detainees facing false charges everywhere. The coup brought with it the threat of a tribal, imposing the authority of force and the law of the jungle and restoring the notorious security apparatus, giving it full power and authority in dealing with the revolutionaries and those who support them, which in turn brought out the worst in it and reintroduced the enforced disappearance of the revolutionaries. Ignoring any legislation and disregarding Sudan’s ratification of the Convention against Enforced Disappearance with the intention of removing the victim from the protection of the law and inflicting psychological suffering on them, their family, and their revolutionary comrades, denying them their legal right, thereby facilitating the process of recording confessions under duress, abuse, and intimidation without supervision. And since it occurs in secret, it is impossible to document and expose them in a deliberate absence of legal authority and the function of the Public Prosecution. The false charge is the sole grounds for the arrest, it is a blatant infringement and transgression of all concepts of freedom, peace, and justice.

We are all aware that Sudan is now held hostage by the coup gang and the former regime affiliates by force of arms, and the enforced disappearance is one of the indicators that the human rights situation in Sudan is deteriorating into chaos as a result of these coup occupation forces.

We in the Al-Kalakla Al-Qubbah Resistance Committees reject these violations and warn the coup forces and all those who helped them from the consequences of these abuses. We affirm that we will not retreat, we will not be broken, we will not be afraid, and that we are continuing on the path of struggle and completing the path of the martyrs until the rule of law, truth and peace prevail. And we take our martyrs as role models to illuminate the path, strengthen our resolve, and lift our spirits, and that we will not forgive and will not negotiate, and that we will hold accountable all those who committed these violations and abused the revolutionaries and revolution, emphasizing that we will liberate Sudan from the clutches of evil and restore to the people their dreams, hopes, and the right to a homeland for all. And if you see that this hasn’t happened, know that we are all dead and wait for the next generation to carry on our path. These are the streets that taught us to rise up; they do not betray.

Media & Culture Office
July 25, 2022