Press Release | Detainees of June 9 March – South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination

Honorable Revolutionaries:

Since the start of the coup, the brutal coup authority has used the dictionary definition of destructive totalitarian regimes, employing murder and bloody repression and throwing civilians from symbols of the revolutionary forces and field leaders from the resistance committees into the depths of prisons and detention centers, in a pitiful attempt to curtail the movement of the rebellious masses across the country. This totalitarian approach, however, backfired and afflicted the putschists, their political and social incubator, and the remnants of the former regime. The revolutionary consciousness that surrounded the masses of our people during their peaceful and victorious movement from the beginning of the glorious December revolution until today has produced thousands of leaders who are highly skilled in the organizing of peaceful resistance action and mastered of the art of subjugating dictatorial regimes; the streets are boiling like a cauldron under the feet of tyrants every day, despite the overcrowding of prisons and detention centers.

Our heroic steadfast people:

Freedom is a right, not a privilege. During today’s march, more than 25 young men and women of the resistance committees were arrested in front of the People’s Palace. We hold the coup authority fully responsible for the safety of detainees, and we reaffirm our principled rejection of all forms of harassments, arrests, and confiscation of freedoms.

May the whips of our usual peacefulness inflame the backs of tyrants and turn their fragile authority’s dreams of survival into a never-ending nightmare until its complete overthrow and the establishment of a full civil authority that carries the torch of the process of civil democratic transformation and the state of freedom, peace, and justice.

Media Office
June 9, 2022