Press Release | Decemer 30 March – Al Nuhud Resistance Committees

Our heroic, resisting people:

The path whose features were shaped by the sacrifices of the courageous martyrs of the Sudanese revolution is clear with all its trials and tribulations, this is the essence of history, which progresses with setbacks once, and decisive victories once and for all, and we pursue this path with steady steps that do not compromise.

The downfall of Al Burhan and the blood gang is an event we shall witness very soon, in the flaming streets and the relentless determination of our people, and in the eyes of the martyrs and victims of rape, torture and massacres. There is no defeat for a nation that established their aspirations and written their destiny with blood and tears, and failure will surely strike everyone who stands against the will of our free people. If the secretary of Al Burhan (Hamdok) resigns or stains his hand with more blood, that is his choice; if the Force of Freedom and Change (FFC) choose to sell the martyrs blood and return to the arms of the military, that is also their choice. As for the return of the security intelligence services, even if it has additional powers other than those granted by the coup leader, we will face it now as we are more organized and stronger, and we will defeat it at every moment, in a procession, in every street, and in every house. We have said it in the face of those who have said yes, that there is no partnership, no negotiation, no legitimacy, and no force on earth can break our resolve or cause dissonance among us as Sudanese revolutionaries, so either you’re with the people or against the people, with the complete civil state or with the coup.

The revolutionaries of Al Nuhud & our honorable citizens:

Let us prepare for tomorrow’s march, on December 30, 2021, and fill the streets with chants and slogans rejecting the continuance of militia and military rule, in a new battle titled “Challenge to the Blood Gang,” and a message from the people of Al Nahud city to them that we do not want their presence, and we call on all revolutionary forces to mark their attendance; there is no place for traitors among the people, and in a complete civil state, in which everyone is equal in rights and obligations, which is the title of the battle we are fighting and which we are capable of challenging, and more.

Al Nuhu Resistance Committees
December 29, 2021