Press Release – December 6th, 2021 Protests

On December 6th, 2021, Al-Nuhood (West Kordofan State) Resistance Committees organized protests and mass demonstrations calling for the overthrow of military rule. The crowds carried signs demanding that the people have complete power, and that the military’s role be restricted to border control and peacekeeping.

Three major protests took place, one from each of the three directions: southern, western, and northern Al-Nuhood. They all gathered in Liberty Square before proceeding on the planned route to the final destination, where speeches were delivered to the demonstrators. The speakers paid tribute to the martyrs of the December Revolution as well as the Mayerno martyrs. They urged people to continue resisting the military coup until a fully civilian government was realized. They also urged demonstrators to prepare for the million-man marches scheduled for December 13th, which conincide with the start of the December Revolution (2018) in Ad-Damazin, and then for the December 19th demonstrations, which will demand end of military rule in Sudan for good and mark the beginning of a new dawn for the revolution.

The speakers also highlighted the ongoing tribal and ethnic tensions in Al-Nuhood locality, where many innocent lives have been lost and many more have been wounded. The speakers accused members of the former Al-Bashir regime of inciting tribal tensions and violenec, and asked citizens to organize a mass campagin against tribal violence and to promote peaceful coexistence among the city’s various tribal groups. Additionally, the speakers urged civil-society organizations to provide accomodations, medical care, and logistical support to refugees who have been displaced because of the events. They explicitly critisized the state government, its security council, and the authorities of Al-Nuhood locality for their lack of active involvement and urged them  to rise to their responsibilities by protecting residents and providing a safe and peaceful environment for all citizens. The speakers noted that the local state government and its security forces are nothing more than a front for the military coup leaders who must be resisted until they are permanently overthrown.

The demonstrators were assured that a new political declaration would be produced in the coming days, which will address concerns about the roadmap for the period following the fall of military rule. Additionally, the speakers called on all the resistance committees nation-wide to reach a consensus on a unified political declaration that will determine the shape of the upcoming stage.

Al-Nuhood Resistance Committees

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