Press Release | Commemoration of the General Command sit-in Dispersal massacre – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

They betrayed us on the month of June, and they thought that we would just let it go and remain silent.

If they have forgotten Zrga, Kisha, or the son of Hashem Matar, let them know that they have given us the flags of steadfastness, and we will not betray our brothers or give up their rights, retribution, or aspirations.

We shall continue to hold on to our cause and their cause, until the goal is reached and either we avenge them or die like they them.

Comrades, tomorrow is the commemoration of the General Command sit-in Dispersal massacre, the day in which the army abandoned us and demonstrated its lack of loyalty to the oath, and they died in front of the general command at the hands of treachery and tyrants from the joint forces of the Police, Army, Security, and Rapid Support and their militias.

Tomorrow, God willing, we will begin early in the morning and burn tires throughout Sudan’s capital, announcing the start of the revolutionary escalation, and then at 11 a.m., the processions will march to Station Seven to conduct Friday prayers in the square. Following that, the commemoration of the dispersal of the sit-in begins, and concludes with a one-day sit-in.

Media Office
June 2, 2022