Press Release | Campaign of Arbitrary Arrests – Resistance Commitees (The Revolutionary Charter for People’s Authority)

We followed the coup forces’ campaign of serial arrests and arbitrary raids against revolutionaries and members of resistance committees in the state of Khartoum, which affected a large number of revolutionaries, as well as a larger number of families and everyone who happened to be in the vicinity at the time of the raids.

And, because the matter is neither new nor surprising, we tell the coup authorities that repressive methods and arrests will not work, nor will they discourage the will of our valiant people who are holding on to the embers of the issue, and we send the following messages as a commitment and a covenant of unity:

To our righteous martyrs:

We are on the covenant, and each of us represent a “martyr’s project”. we will resist, we will not compromise and will continue to make sacrifices until we have accomplished all of the legitimate aims for which you were martyred, we will unquestionably exact vengeance on all crimes committed against the people and and the killers of the martyrs.

To the detained revolutionaries in all states of Sudan:

Experiences have taught us that the night of injustice is short, therefore you will go out and chant: “Free revolutionaries, we will complete the journey.”

To the coup authority, the machine of oppression, and the mercenary claws:

There are no cells large enough to accommodate an entire nation, and if you are determined to arrest all revolutionaries in the capital, then expand your cells to include all revolutionaries in Sudan; in the revolution, there is no distinction between places, and arrest will not act as a buffer against the waves of the revolution in its great tide.

To the steadfast people of Sudan:

We shall resist and fight until every revolutionary’s last breath, so that current and future generations may live in dignity and security, with all citizenship and human rights protected, and the ideals of freedom, peace, and justice for all are established.

April 14, 2022

Signed by:

  1. ElGezira Stte
    – Madani Resistance Committees
  2. Sinnar State
    – Mayerno Resistance Committees
    – Hillat Ismail Resistance Committee
    – Hillat Al Shaikh Al Tom Wadbanaga Committee
    – West Wad Hashim Resistance Committee
    – Al Fashir Neighborhood Resistance Committee
    – West Al Gala’a Resistance Committee
    – Al Mazad Block (39) Resistance Committee
    – Al Jinaina Neighborhood Resistance Committee
    – East Sinnar Locality Resistance Committees Coordination
    – Al Gadusia Neighborhood Resistance Committee
    – Ad Dali Resistance Committees
    – Al Mazmum Resistance Committees
    – The Alliance of Blue Nile Irrigated Projects & Al-Suki Agricultural Authority Farmers
    – Al Dinder Locality Resistance Committees Coordination
  3. Blue Nile
    – Ad Damazin Resistance Committees
  4. North Kurdufan State
    – Jabra Al Shaikh Locality Resistance Committees Coordination
    – The Joint Field Committee to reclaim and protect the revolution
  5. South Kurdufan State
    – Qadir Locality Resistance Committees (Kalogi)
    – Kadogli Resistance Committees Coordination
    – Al Abbasiya Tagali Locality Resistance Committees Coordination
  6. River Nile State
    – Al Damer Locality Resistance Committees
    – Barber Locality Resistance Committees
  7. Red Sea State
    – Red Sea Localities and Rural Areas Resistance Committees Coordination
    – Port Sudan Resistance Committees Coordination
  8. South Darfur State
    – Nyala Resistance Committees Coordination
  9. Central Darfur State
    – Zalinje Resistance Committees Coordination
    – The Free Barricades – Zalinje
    – Um Dokhun Locality Coordination
  10. West Darfur State
    – Al Jinaina Resistance Committees Coordination
  11. East Darfur State
    – Al Di’ain Resistance Committees Coordination
    – El Neem Refugee Camp Resistance Committees
  12. North Darfur State
    – Al Fashir Resistance Committees
  13. White Nile State
    – Um Ramta Locality Resistance Committees
    – Kenana Resistance Committees
  14. Northern State
    – Northern State Resistance Committees Coordination
  15. El Gadarif State
    – El Gadarif State Resistance Committees
  16. Trade Union Association