Press Release | August Marches Schedule – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

The steps of your victorious revolution are reorganized in the triangular capital, renewing the covenant with our honorable martyrs who did not fear death and are eternally living among us.

Our Sudan, which we long for and for which the martyrs gave their lives, will be liberated. As for the tyrants who thought for a while that no one would be able to defeat them, we give them good tidings: our people are like a phoenix rising with its wings wide, shedding the ashes.

Our resistant people:

The schedule of our revolutionary activity is back by the order of our people, thus we have taken the initiative after the necessary coordination and organization of ranks, for the revolution is simply tidal waves. We now rise peacefully to win again. We complete our goal-oriented tasks. Revolution is a people’s revolution, and authority is a people’s authority. The military belongs in the barracks, and the Janjaweed must be disbanded; this is our goal, and we are almost there.

Our steadfast masses:

We announce the following escalation schedule for the month of August to reclaim power from the putschists:-

Centralised Marches:

  • Thursday, August 11th.
  • Thursday, August 18th.
  • Wednesday, August 31st

Decentralised Marches:

  • Sunday, August 7th.
  • Monday, August 22nd.
  • Thursday, August 25th.

To all workers in government institutions and the private sector, working inside and outside the public sector:

You are well aware that the economic situation is clearly deteriorating and that the coup authority is tightening its grip on all the state’s joints as a clear manifestation of the policy of impoverishment and levies pursued by the state in order to protect the interests of a select few and to distract our attention from our most pressing issues, the first of which is to bring them all down. As we know that the strike is the most effective weapon of our peaceful resistance, and that the models of the strike that you organized led to the overthrow of the defunct salvation regime, we invite you to participate in the “August 24th strike” in the hopes that all of our schedules and our peaceful resistance will soon be able to achieve their objectives by overthrowing the coup and establishing a democratic civil state.

Field Office
Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination
August 3, 2022