Press Release | August 7 March – Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination

You are not defeated as long as you resist

To begin, we pray for God’s mercy for the martyrs of this country, and shame and disgrace for the coup authority and their supporters.

Our brave people:

Let us prepare to participate in the decentralized “August 7 March” processions tomorrow, bearing with us all the aspirations and dreams of this nation who are battling injustices and darkness.

Any procession, march or unannounced protest shakes the trembling fortresses of the putschists, which are about to be overthrown by the people’s will and order. And that there is no retreat until the realization of the complete civil state, in which the pure blood of the martyrs will be a stench that emanates from its alleyways and streets, and that is the revolution for which you have all fought tirelessly.

Tomorrow is not the beginning of the August struggles; rather, it is the beginning of the revolutionary schedule, and it is a continuation of the everyday sacrifices that are being made to overthrow this barbaric coup. Let the ranks be organized, and those with petty interests be identified, so this nation can live freely, individually or collectively.

With that stated, our rendezvous is tomorrow, August 7th, at one o’clock, revolution time, to complete what we began with our comrades in the struggle.

Tracks will be published later…

Media Office
August 6, 2022