Press Release | April 6 March – Burri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees

We salute you as today we are witnessing the thirty-seventh anniversary of the first April and the third anniversary of the glorious sixth of April, which was a pivotal day in the history of the December revolution. A day when the masses of the Sudanese people formed the most beautiful paintings of unity and the strongest lessons of determination and standing behind just causes were written.

The sixth of April has become a symbol of struggle and freedom in our country, and here we are going out again on this great day to overthrow the totalitarian military authority and its supporters and all the forces of darkness.

We will crown our struggle with building a state that preserves the Sudanese citizen’s right to life first, even if after a while. Today, we will work with our comrades in the resistance committees to ensure that this day, with its symbolic significance, is as vital in the fate of our revolution as it has been in the past.

Burri Neighborhoods assembly point will be at Al Balabil intersection with Al Siteen Street at 4 P.M. and then to move towards Airport Street to meet with the rest of Khartoum city processions.

April 6th may not be the day of the downfall of the tyrant, but we will undoubtedly endeavor to elevate the peaceful resistance to another level after this date and we will unite behind the slogan #JustFall.

Burri Neighborhoods Resistance Committees
April 6, 2022