Press Release | Al Kalakla Neighborhoods Processions – South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination

Greetings of peace and revolution to the masses of struggle,  the revolution is victorious, by the grace of God the revolution is victorious.

Our honorable martyrs gave their lives while fighting battles with bare chests, armed with faith, honesty, and love for our nation before the homeland, and they’ve wrote the most heroic epics. They wanted to root out these killers because, like a malignant tumor, they are incurable until entirely removed. They sacrificed their lives willingly to defend the truth and justice. We honor them by continuing the fight they started. May God’s mercy be upon them.

Our proud people:

The military is untrustworthy, and they breach covenants one after the other. The three Nos of the streets did not emerge from a vacuum or absurdity. But they were founded when the Sudanese people observed with their own eyes the coup plotters and remnants of the former regime continue to kill, rob, torture, and rape young women and men, so the masses came out at one, with tenacity and determination to never retreat.

Our comrades in the struggle:

We stand for “No Negotiation, No Partnership, No Compromise”. The military is not to be asked for civil authority. We’re tired, my friends, but we can’t lay down in the midst of a battle, so let them do their dirty work and let us focus on our streets and our way until dawn comes.

Continuing what we started, we in South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Resistance Committees Coordination, as we are on our road to the ground shaking march on the thirtieth of June, we invite you, tomorrow, Saturday, to go out in the “Centralized Procession” held in the Abu Adam neighborhood.

  • Assembly point at Nubatia 3:00 PM

Tracks will be decided by the field committee and published later.

Field Office
June 17, 2022