Press Release |60 Martyrs – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

So far, we’ve sixty martyrs since the start of their brutal coup, and our revolutionary epics continue, with its heroes carrying the embers of the cause since the revolution’s inception. Despite this, the military has yet to realize that this resolve is sufficient to overthrow a hundred dictatorships over time. We are the most powerful, and the world’s authority pales in comparison to the hand of a one martyr to us. The peaceful revolution is unstoppable and will eventually triumph.

The courageous people of Sudan:

Al Burhan and his gang will inevitably fall, and Sudan will have a brighter future, as we can see on the banks of the Nile and in the eyes of our children. Murder, violence, and abuse will not stand a chance against our triumphant people’s greatness and might.

While the coup forces continue to kill and torture, we lost in the processions today, January 6, three martyrs, with direct injuries to the chest and head, and an undefined number of various injuries, according to the report of the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors and our field committees.

According to the information received, today’s martyrs, including two in Omdurman’s Al Arbaeen Street processions and a martyr from East Nile in Bahri’s processions, were subjected to many unfortunate manifestations of oppression, harassment, and intimidation, with live bullets being fired in Omdurman until after 10 p.m. and the revolutionaries in the palace’s vicinity and streets were extensively shot upon with tear gas and stun grenades, as well as run-over attempts with newly appearing armored vehicles and numerous incidents of suffocation, in addition to besieging Al Arbaeen hospital and blocking the arrival of the injured, and breaking into Khartoum hospital and firing tear gas canisters into patient wards in a clear indication of the exhaustion of the fraudulent coup authority all possibilities of survival.

Survival is for us and theirs is bad destiny and destruction.
We are undefeatable.

Media Committee
January 7, 2022