Joint Press Release | Tracks of Dawn of Salvation March – Khartoum State Resistance Committees Coordination

To the revolutionaries rejecting oppression and humiliation, to the free people in all parts of the beloved country, to the honorable members of the regular forces. Salute and reverence to us, Sudanese who have made sacrifices for our great country.  The 30th of June will mark the beginning of a new period of giving and sacrifice, as well as a powerful storm that overthrows the coup authority’s repressive hold on power. We will go out and refuse to return or renounce our duty until the coup is overthrown; this is an open battle with them until we prevail.

Either we achieve our objectives or perish trying. We shall accomplish what we are set out to do, despite the opposition of every traitor, coward, and slacker. And we will employ all peaceful means, such as protests, strikes, disobedience, and barricades, until the following is achieved:

  1. Overthrow of the coup & the return of the military to the barracks.
  2. Formation of a civilian government.
  3. Justice in all cases
  4. Democratic civil transformation.
  5. Dismantling the former totalitarian regime.

El Hajj Yousif Tracks:

  • The procession of Far’ia AlShigla + Wad Dafia + Al Maigoma moves from 24 Station within the neighborhoods through Wad Dafia & Al Maigoma and meeting with Faria 1 Street at Abu Dign then march to meet Al Muzdalifat & Al Maigoma at Tisa’a Market.
  • Far’iat Al Imtidad assembly point is at Khalid Bin Al Walid School to meet Al Wihda and Al Barakat at Laffat Al Radmiyyah.
  • Far’iat Al Barakat start point is at Kasala Station, to move through Kasala bridge to Jabal Marrah to meet the processions of Al Wihda, then through to Laffat 2 to Al Radmiyyah to meet Al Imtidad procession. then to move towards Wahid Street to join the processions of Wahid Street and at Al Muharik Al Zahabi to meet with Al Kalas revolutionaries to proceed through Al Wali Street towards the 13 to join Al Nasr & Al Faiha neighborhoods to march to the roundabout to meet the processions of Sharg Al Nil Janub.

All processions to march towards the republican palace through Al Manshiyah Brigdge.
Assembly time: 9:00 AM, procession start time at 10 AM.

Sharg Al Nil Tracks:

  • South, North and West Umbadda neighborhoods assembly point is Al Sihrij. the procession to head north through Wad Al Bashir station to meet the processions of North East and South East Umbadda then proceeds north to Al Arda Street to join North and South Al Arda processions then to move east till Othman Bin Affan School then south and then east through Al Rabii Youth Center to Al Arbaeen Street, and continue to march east to Al Mawrada and south to the people’s parliament and east to the palace.

Assembly time is at 11 AM.

Karari Neighborhoods Tracks:

  • Al Mahdawi

Processions to move towards Al Shuhada then after half an hour to march with the rest of the processions through Abdul Azim Street east to Al Mawrada then south to the parliament of the people then east to the palace.

Processions assembly time is at 11 AM.

South Omdurman Neighborhoods Tracks:

  • Al Rosi Station (formerly Siraj).

processions to march west through Al Burotogala => North => East to Fall Al Qamar in Banet west => east towards the martyr abdulazim street then east to Al Mawrada then south to the people’s parliament then east to the palace.

Assembly Time is at 11 AM.

Dar Al Salam Central Tracks:

  • Assembly point is Gandahar Stop for the blocks of Center, East and North Al Salam, Nifasha, Al Safwa and Al Hilla Al Jadidah then head south to join the blocks of South Al Salam then to proceed towards the palace on foot.

Processions assembly time is at 9 AM.

Old Omdurman Neighborhoods Tracks:

  • Makki Stop.

Processions to move through Omdurman Market => to meet the processions nearby Al Arbaeen Hospital => then head south to the people’s parliament then east to the palace.

Processions to meet at the martyr Abdulazim Street, then head east then south to the parliament then east to the palace.

Bahri Neighborhoods Committees Tracks:

Assembly Points:

  • Al Kilo: assembly point for north & suburbs of Bahri.
    Processions start time at 11 AM.
  • Neighborhoods of Dardog, Nabta, Al Samrab , Al Durushab South and North, Al Kadaro and Al Halfaya processions move from the nighborhoods to the local assembly points then move south to meet with processions of Wasat Imdtidad Shambat Al Arada , Al Safya, Shamba Committees Alliance at Laffat Janub the proceed to main assembly point.
  • Laffat Janub: Neighborhoods of Imtidad Shambat Al Aradi, Al Safya, Shamba Committees Alliance procesions move from the neighborhoods to Laffat Janub to join the processions of North & Suburbs of Bahri.
  • Railway stop: assembly point for east Bahri neighborhoods that will move from the neighborhoods.
  • Neighborhoods of Hillat Hamad, Hillat Khogali, Al Khatmiyah, Al Sababi, Al Dabom, Al Danagla South, Al Danagla North, Al Mazad North, Al Mugtarbeen, Al Mazad South processions will move from the neighborhoods to join the processions at the main assembly point at Al Muassasa.

All processions to march from the local assembly points to the main assembly point at Al Muassasa.

  • Al Muassasa: assembly point for all processions

Processions to move from the main assembly points towards the republican palace through Al Hawiyat “The Containers” Bridge at 12 P.M.

Internal tracks shall be defined by the field committees.

Barricading and escalation starts before the processions, and Bahri’s main and sub streets will be closed.

Khartoum City Tracks:

  • Abu Hamama Assembly point: West Khartoum Coordination, Al Jabal Committees Association and South Khartoum & Al Kalakla Coordination.
  • Bashdar Assembly Point: East Khartoum Coordination, South Khartoum Coordination, Khartoum Center Coordination and Janub Al Hizam Coordination.

Processions to move from the assembly points at 11 AM.


  1. Avoid clashing with the regular forces
  2. Adhere to the processions tracks
  3. Maintain the peacefulness of the processions and cooperate with the security committees to resolve any issues.
  4. Cooperate with the medical committees.
  5. Adhere to the general safety guidelines.
  6. Monitor intruders and notify security committees.

Field Office
Khartoum State Resistance Commitees Coordination
June 28, 2022

  • Greater Omdurman Resistance Committees Coordination
  • Khartoum City Resistance Committees Coordination
  • Bahri Neighborhoods Committees
  • El Hajj Yousif Resistance Committees Association
  • Sharg Al Nil Janub Coordination